USB Data Acquisition Lab "FlexLab"
  1. USB Data Acquisition System with programmable structure.
  2. USB to I2C Interface Converter.
  3. USB to Serial TTL Interface Converter.

Key Features

Data Acquisition System with 6 preprogrammed configurations.
Mini USB connector and Full-speed 12 Mbps USB-to-Serial converter.
Support the dual interface: standard 100Kbps I2C interface and Serial TTL interface.
The module is a master for I2C bus.
26 pin connector for module inputs/outputs.
5 pin connector for I2C/Serial bus.
On-board the pull up resisters for I2C bus.
2 LEDs to indicate USB traffic.
The  module is self powered from the USB and can supply up to 50mA at 5V for external
Small form factor  2.6" x 0.9" (66 x 23 mm).

Lab preprogrammed configurations:

  1. 16 channels RC Servo motor control
  2. Data Acquisition System: 4 analog channels with programmable gain amplifier, 14 bits ADC, two 9 bits analog outputs, 8 digital inputs/outputs
  3. Character LCD and 4x4 matrix Keypad control
  4. LED 7-Segment Display (4 digits) and 4x4 matrix Keypad control
  5. Up to 4 DC motor control (includes four 8 bit PWM blocks) and 16 digital inputs/outputs
  6. Stepper motor control and 16 digital inputs/outputs

The configurations can be switched in run time "On- the-fly" to match the requirements of
each individual project.

Click here for
Data Acquisition Lab Manual.