I2C / Serial LCD
Serial LCD includes the standard LCD module and serial controller to provide a serial
communication interface for your microcontroller  or PC. The serial controller takes care of all
commands between LCD and your microcontroller and uses only two lines for
The simple command structure allows text and bar graphs to be displayed on the screen.
Provision is made for up to 8 user-defined characters. The module includes also the 4x4 matrix
keypad control.
The LDC backlight and contrast may be adjusted under program control to compensate for
differing lighting conditions and viewing angles.
The LCD controller supports IR Remote Control.

The module supports 2 interfaces:
      Serial TTL interface
       I2C interface

Key Features

Communicate over I2C or Serial TTL interface with software controlled speed
48 Byte buffer for messages received via communication interface
Up to 8 custom characters can be defined
 LCD Backlighting controlled via software, has 254 brightness levels
LCD Contrast controlled via software, has 254 contrast levels
Keypad port: support a matrix keypad up to 16 keys (4 rows by 4 columns), 8 separate
IR Remote Control
Save the basic settings in module internal EEPROM

Click here to see the Serial LCD Manual.
Examples and I2C Library for ARDUINO on Download Page.
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