Raspberry Pi, Arduino Robotic Board

 "AFlex - 2"  Board with 2A motor drivers
  "AFlex - 3.5" Board with 3.5A motor drivers

interfaces. The board is designed as universal module and supports the 5V system (Arduino) and 3.3V system (Raspberry Pi).

The module includes a microcontroller and works as co-processor for Arduino, Raspberry Pi or your
microcontroller. The embedded microcontroller provides control for the motors and external peripherals,
takes care of communication with I2C and Serial bus.

The module is connected to I2C bus as slave device and supports a simple command structure to
communicate with Arduino, Raspberry Pi or your microcontroller. Only two data lines are used to connect
the module to Arduino or Raspberry Pi. All other inputs / outputs can be used for the other tasks.

"AFlex" controls two DC motors and includes the latest technology motor drivers. The board circuit
provides the overcurrent protection, motor lead short to ground or supply, thermal shutdown with
hysteresis, undervoltage monitoring and crossover current protection.
The motor current limits set via software.

ARDUINO "AFlex" Library is available to download from website. The library provides the complete set of
the  commands to control the module.

Key Features

 Support 5V and 3.3V system, 3.3V internal voltage regulator
 I2C and Serial communication interfaces
 Communicate over standard I2C bus as slave device
 Two bidirectional DC motors control with max current 2A or 3.5A per motor
 8V - 40V motor voltage range
 Motor current limit setup via software
 Four digital inputs with pull up resistors for the opto-interrupters, switches and buttons
 8-bits Data Port with each pin setup as digital input / output or analog input
 10-bits ADC with up to 5 analog channels
 Infrared (IR) remote control
 Small form factor - board size 2.5" x 2.1" (64mm x 53mm)

Click here to see "AFlex" User's Manual.
"AFlex - 2" Robotic Board